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Mike & Kate Battistelli

Mike and Kate Battistelli are the parents of Francesca Battistelli, GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning and top selling Christian Recording Artist. Mike and Kate met and fell in love across the footlights while working in the Broadway theatre world, Kate as an actress starring opposite Yul Brynner in The King and I and Mike as a Broadway Conductor and Musical Director. Their life plan was to remain in the theatre world but God chose a different path. After getting married and giving their lives to the Lord, He called them out of the theatre world and into their own business and home schooling their only child.

It was evident early on that Francesca was gifted in the arts, in particular, music and songwriting. Mike and Kate intentionally fostered an atmosphere of creativity, partnered with God to cultivate Francesca’s gifts, and provided opportunities for her to grow as a young artist.

Join them as they share practical steps to encourage your child’s creativity, tips on how to manage the pitfalls of today’s music business, and how to discover and dream God’s big dream for your child.