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Crystal Yates

“powerful…” “inspiring…” “magical…”

These are just some of the words used to describe the voice and music of Crystal Yates, a recording artist and singer/songwriter from McKinney, TX. Being in the music industry for nearly 15 years, Crystal is no stranger to writing, performing, and recording, having played across the US and Western Europe in the last 7 years.

She released her first project in 2011 and the response was outstanding, opening up doors all across the nation. Crystal has since been a featured performer at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, The Wildflower Singer/Songwriter Festival, Good Morning Texas, Texas Independent Music Expo, and many more. Most recently, Crystal won the nationwide talent competition, the Texaco Country Showdown where she was handed $100K check in recognition of her outstanding vocals and songwriting. She won with a song she co-wrote entitled “Good-Bye Letter” … a song with a familiar theme if you begin to analyze her songs. “They are all based on love, life, and relationships. I write from my heart and what I have experienced and learned” says Crystal. She is currently working on two projects. Her country/alternative pop EP is being produced by Charlie Peacock and a worship album produced by MidLake drummer, McKenzie Smith. Crystal is on the artist / writer roster with People & Songs community and is an active, contributing member.