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Iron Bell Music

In a barn in Louisville, Kentucky, Iron Bell Music’s primary songwriters – Stephen McWhirter, Joel Gerdis and Josh Glauber – and the rest of their team lead people during dedicated worship nights, most of all providing a safe haven of community. Held throughout the year, the songs that are birthed there are the work God is doing in and through the hearts and lives of these writers.

Authentic adoration and praise shapes every gathering led by Iron Bell Music, and this same spirit is captured in every song on their major label debut from Essential Worship. The full-length album, recorded live across a full night of worship at the barn, features original songs such as “Your Love Is A Fortress,” “My Confidence,” “Belong To You,” and their first radio single, “God That Saves.” 

In addition to their worship nights, Iron Bell Music desires to pour into other worship leaders on a heart-level. “There’s not a lot of resources on a personal level for worship leaders,” Stephen observes. “There’s enough for helping them do the functional part of their job but not for helping them be good at just loving the Lord, because that’s actually the thing that is the most valuable tool they have—the overflow of intimacy with the Lord.”

Whether encouraging fellow believers or inviting radio listeners to sing along, Iron Bell Music hopes their songs facilitate moments of transformational discovery for all who encounter their music. “We want the songs to literally cause breakthrough for people in their relationship with the Lord,” Joel asserts. “Whatever God’s doing in us, we feel like it’s a very authentic expression that we can lead other people into.”