May I enroll in more than one reVIEWyou category?

Yes. Out of the three categories (Songwriter, Artist/Writer, and Vocalist) you may enter up to two performances in each category, but may submit no more than six total performances. Example, you may enter two performances in Songwriter, two in Artist/Writer, and two in Vocalist.

Am I guaranteed to perform/compete at IMMERSE?

No. Only those selected for TRACK 2: Semi Pro will have the opportunity to compete and possibly perform during IMMERSE.

I've paid for one or more reVIEWyou evaluations. What do I do now?

You will receive instructions on how to submit required materials via email. All materials must be submitted online Sunday, May 14, 2017 by midnight. Requirements for each category can be found by clicking  here and choosing “Submission Information”.

I’ve submitted my required materials for reVIEWyou online. What do I do now?

You will receive your reVIEWyou individual evaluation comments from the judges via a couple of weeks prior to the conference. The comments will also explain what track you have been placed in, TRACK 1: Ongoing Training or TRACK 2: Semi-Pro and will contain instructions about what to do next.

I was placed into Track 1 – Ongoing Training, what do I do now?

Read about what reVIEWyou has in store for TRACK 1 applicants by clicking here and choosing “Evaluation Process”. 

I was not chosen for the Track 2 - Semi Pro. May I receive a refund for my reVIEWyou enrollment and IMMERSE Conference Registration?

No, ALL reVIEWyou enrollment fees go towards your individual evaluation and are non-refundable. You can view the general cancellation policy for the IMMERSE Conference on our FAQ’s page.

I was chosen for TRACK 2: Semi Pro, what do I do now?

You will receive an email a couple weeks prior to the conference with details about how to prepare for competitions at IMMERSE. Visit here and choose “Evaluation Process” for more detailed information.

I am submitting in the vocalist category. Can I embellish the melody of the song?

Yes. Please interpret and perform the song in a way that expresses your personality and showcases your ability.

I enrolled in the Vocalist category? Can I use a song for my audition that's not on the song list?

No. These songs were selected because they will be familiar to the judges and a Christian audience. They are known to contain Christian content and room to showcase vocal ability. In a real-world scenario, singers are required to know and interpret a variety of songs on demand. The judges believe it is keeping with appropriate training to ask contestants to work from a list.

I have an (amateur or professional) video of myself performing - can I submit that instead?

In order to be considered for further evaluation and an opportunity to compete, videos need to be as described in the “Submission Information” section on this page. It is the desire of the judges to “level the playing field” by asking for everyone to submit a simple video audition as described.

What should I wear during my audition video performance(s) and during the IMMERSE competition onsite?

Remember that you are being evaluated to see if you are ready for a career in Christian music. Wear what you would wear to perform to your audience. Remember that your appearance communicates.

Can my friends and family watch the competition at IMMERSE?

The final competition in June will be open to the public. Tickets will be sold for $10 each at the door.

What are the prizes?

Visit here and choose “Prizes” for a detailed listing of this year’s prizes.